Textile Industry

IDLogix ERP for your growing needs in the Textile Industry!

Textile industry has expanded vigorously towards flexibility and rapid response. Accomplishing them requires basic and dynamic changes to the administration and its processes.

IDLogix ERP comprises management software composed of innovative functions and modules, created to assist the textile & fashion industry. A solution capable of meeting the new demands of the sector such as a wide variety of products, short delivery times & lower costs IDlogix ERP Solutions are characterized by great flexibility, and the ability to adapt to every aspect of the business process!


Batch Traceability

IDLogix ERP system can make ‘Electronic Master Batch records’ that will diminish:

  • Increase transparency between departments.
  • Operations costs
  • Lower paper utilization
  • Attain full traceability

Supply Chain Management and Stock Control

Clients can get to point by point inventory data such as:

  • Stock awaiting dispatch
  • Defect rates via Gluon ERP System.
  • It removes the need for separate inventory spreadsheets of product variations
  • Helps expand the level of accuracy and efficiency.
  • The weight variations of raw materials can also be measured and logged into the framework i.e. the pre-drying and after drying out weight for exact cost invoicing.
  • The location
  • Consignment stock

CRM and Marketing

Sales departments can use the CRM function to manage:

  • Create call lists based on the extent of particular criteria.
  • Prospects
  • Schedule activities
  • IDlogix ERP also offers an option to link telephone systems for on-screen dialing and pop-ups for inbound calls.
  • All support inquiries, sales history, previous conversations, contacts, relevant documents, and scheduled calls can be stored directly against customer records for effective account management

Sales And Management System

  • Print Sales Register
  • Process Request for Quotations
  • Automated Calculation of Net Trade Prices and Assessable Rates
  • Fully integrated with A/c Receivables
  • Maintain broad Customer data
  • Create Dispatch Orders from Sales Orders
  • Print Daily Stock & Sales Statement
  • Create Dispatch Orders from Sales Orders
  • Create Dispatch Order from Depot Dispatch Schedule
  • Process Sales Orders
  • Print various other reports
  • Maintain finished products price lists

Resource Management and Reporting

With coordinates features like MRP, the Product Configurator, and Workforce Management, schedulers and organizers can organize production resources effectively since all the desired data will be coordinated into one ERP framework.

Product Matrixes

Size, colour and style matrixes can be built within WinMan to help improve accuracy and efficiency. Clients can utilize the matrixes to separate items into categories and drag deals and stock levels reports seamlessly.

ERP Software in Textiles

IDlogix ERP software’s are available in different sectors in textile. Such as:

  • IDlogix ERP- software for home textiles
  • IDlogix ERP software for spinning mills
  • IDlogix ERP software for weaving mills
  • IDlogix ERP software for textile processing mills

Benefits of ERP in Textile?

ERP software’s are accessible completely different divisions in textile. Such as:

  • Easily monitoring an industry
  • Compiling report inside an awfully brief time
  • No chance for information manipulation
  • Saving time
  • Access is easier from any part of the world